Loads of Choices

Choose your best way to market to your customers. We have several ways of packaging our products. Vitane Contract Packaging is a company that provides a myriad of packaging services ranging from the simple to the complex.


Saves You Time

By packaging our own products, we are able to provide a better level of turnaround. Our packaging facility allows us to take new orders and ship them faster than most medical packaging manufacturers.

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Nutraceuticals Packaging Facility

Increase sales, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

The company is now registered with the FDA as a “Nutraceuticals Packaging Facility”, FDA registration #14024551844, complying with the GMP standards coded in Title 21 CFR. Part 111, “Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements”.

While other companies aim to satisfy their customers, we want to keep ours. Our goal is to increase our medical packaging customers net income by increasing their sales, reducing their costs, and improving their productivity.